Education Covid-19 update - 1 April 2020

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Education Covid-19

Education update – Wednesday, 1st April

An update for children, parents and carers

  1. Our normal school provision is currently closed to ALL children.
  2. We have set up 29 Children’s Activity Centres to care for children of our key workers, if necessary, to enable them to continue working.
  3. Families of children registered for free school meals are receiving direct payments. Payment is based on those currently registered for FME/school clothing grant. P1-3 payment is made only to those receiving free school milk. Parents of any P1-3 children who are eligible but not already registered, should apply via You can also find out if you are eligible.

Free School Meal Entitlement

For more information select the 'Free School Meals' tab here

Children’s Activity Centres

We have 29 Children’s Activity Centres set up and open to children of Category 1, 2 and 3 key workers. These centres are there to provide essential childcare for key workers, if they need it, in order for them to continue to work.

Please be aware, this service is for children where both parents are key workers, or where there is a lone parent who is a keyworker. If parents have any other options for childcare when they are working, they should use these. These centres should be a last resort for parents who have no other choice. You may feel it will be better to keep your children at home.

You must have already registered with a centre before your child can attend.

Our centres will only be providing childcare for nursery and primary school children at this time.

For information on Private and Voluntary Sector Early Years Providers  who are offering childcare to key workers see the list below.

Vulnerable children

Children with additional support needs whose parents are both key workers, will be supported within our Children’s Activity Centres.

Our Children and Families team have been working very closely with our headteachers. They are making sure that all those children who may be especially vulnerable by not attending school will continue to have a member of staff looking out for them. The welfare of our children is a priority at all times and our staff will remain in contact with those children.

Children's Activity Centres locations:




East Neuk






St Andrews

Tay Bridge Head

West Fife

Children and young people in Special Schools and attending Pupil Support Services

Private and Voluntary Early Years Provision

  • Busy Bees Castleview Nursery, 01383 626262
  • Crossford Playgroup, 07826355554
  • Linktown Nursery, 01592 267453 / 07432116512
  • Little Beehive Nursery Kirkcaldy, 01592 328002
  • Little Beehive Nursery Newport, 01382 541154
  • Little Beehive Nursery Tannage, Cupar, 01334 656656,  07739863595
  • The Little Beehive Nursery Strathkinness, 01334 850001

Registered childminders

  • Lesley Wallace, Dunfermline, 07711077465
  • Amanda Mathewson, Dunfermline, 07969798050
  • Carrie Hill, Kelty, 07975508439
  • Jacqueline Brown-Hicks, Glenrothes, 07738259369
  • Andria Forsyth, Kirkcaldy, 07944918700
  • Martine Keith, Tayport, 07964558734
  • Jennifer Robertson, Wormit,07837183466