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Heating advice

The recent energy price increases mean that everyday tasks are piling pressure on our household budgets. If you're struggling to afford the energy costs for your home, you might be in fuel poverty.

When it comes to energy and heating your home, there's endless advice and information available which can be overwhelming. Here you will find the most common issues and advice.

Fuel poverty affects 26% of people in Fife. You're classed as being in fuel poverty if you spend too much money on your energy bills, without having enough money left over to meet other necessities.

The main causes of fuel poverty are:

  • poor energy efficiency of the home
  • low income
  • high fuel prices
  • how you use your energy

Cosy Kingdom

Cosy Kingdom is a free and impartial energy and debt advice service available to all tenants and homeowners across Fife. Their energy advisors can help you find practical and affordable ways to save energy, understand your gas and electricity bills and tariffs, switch suppliers, advise on gas and electricity utility debt and help with Warm Home Discount.

If you would like advice from them, please click the link below to contact them:

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