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Oil heating

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Oil heating

If you have oil heating, you'll know how to source the fuel you need to keep your system working. It's worth remembering, however, that you can end up paying more for your oil delivery if you need it quickly. You should try to give at least one week's notice.

If you have a monitor (for example a Watchman), or you can work out when the oil is running low, give two or three weeks' notice so that you can get a much better price.

The minimum oil order you can place is 500 litres. This works out on average £280 (at 56 pence a litre). Usually, if you place an order of more than 700 litres, you can get a couple of pence off the price per litre.

Always check to see if the village you live in (or any neighbouring village) has an Oil Buying Group, as not only will you save a couple of pence off the price per litre, but there may be the chance to get a smaller quantity delivered. You can buy small drums of oil for emergency usage, but you will be paying at least £25 for a 20-litre drum/barrel.

Call around local suppliers for the best price. If you have internet access, check prices online as many domestic suppliers have prices on their websites and offer better prices for a two-week delivery timescale.

The best time to buy oil is during the warmer summer months when demand is lower.

If you can't pay in full, have a chat with the supplier as there may be a way you can pay in instalments.