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Contractors’ compounds

For community groups and sports clubs (other than professional clubs) wishing to lease land for use as a contractor’s compound, please see the Community groups and sports clubs (exc. professional) page.

The Council owns land throughout Fife details of which may be found on the Property ownership page. If you are considering undertaking construction or demolition work and require additional land to accommodate your contractor’s compound for welfare facilities, storage of materials, equipment or vehicles, then the Council may be able to help you. (We would not normally expect such additional space to be required for an extension to a single house. If it is required and available, then it would be on our usual commercial terms).

An application to use land on a temporary basis for access or parking in connection with a construction or demolition project will be considered as a contractor’s compound unless it is on an adopted road. To request permission to occupy an adopted road, please apply for a Scaffold and Road Occupation Licence

If you can identify an area of council-owned land that may be suitable, then please read the Guidance Notes for a contractor's compound before applying via the Apply for a lease of land for use as a contractor's compound. Contractors’ compounds are often located in public car parks, public parks and land awaiting development, though sites are not limited to these locations. A public car park that is available to park in free of charge is not free to use for other purposes including as a contractor’s compound.

Rents vary depending on the size and location of the land required and the duration of the letting.

Terms are available for an initial period and then week to week until terminated by either party giving one week’s notice to suit the duration of the project.

A non-refundable charge of £165 must be paid when you submit your application plus a further £165 contribution to the Council’s costs and expenses in managing the transaction if terms are agreed. The application must be received at least 14 days prior to the date of entry. If it is essential to take entry in less than 14 days, an application may be processed more quickly subject to staff availability and an additional charge of £250 for this expedited service.

You will be responsible for the cost of a schedule of conditions at the date of entry and a final inspection by a building surveyor, which is likely to cost in the region of £900 plus VAT. The land must be reinstated to the condition at the date of entry prior to the agreement terminating. It will be a condition of the letting that you have public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5 million for each individual claim. Please include with your application an ordnance survey plan or similar map identifying the land that is required.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is planning permission for the proposed use. If you are granted a licence or lease for a site, then planning permission may still be required. For planning enquiries please contact Development Central, by email, and telephone 03451 55 11 22 option 2.

For further information, please read the Guidance notes for a contractor's compound.

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