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Your local councillors


Councillors are people elected by the residents of Fife following local government elections. We have 75 councillors in Fife covering the 22 ward areas – together they make up Fife Council.

Surgeries are where councillors come to regular pre-set meetings in the community. They offer constituents an opportunity to speak to their councillor on a one-to-one basis where they can raise issues of concern. We have a 24 hr surgery helpline 03451 555555 ext 442320 so that members of the public can find out when their councillor is next holding a public meeting.

Salaries and expenses

Councillors are paid for the work they do. Most councillors receive a basic salary of £16,994 each year.

Those who have special responsibilities receive more:

  • The Leaders of the Council receive £29,742
  • The Provost receives £29,742
  • The Leader of the Opposition and the Depute Provost receive £21,674
  • The Senior Councillors (Committee Chairs, and Executive Board members with portfolio responsibility) receive £21,674

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