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Fife Action on Climate Change

What Fife Council is doing

We’re delivering our Climate Fife Action Plan through all of our work. It’s a flexible document that sets out how we will work with our partners and communities over the next 10 years to become:

  • Climate friendly, transforming how we live to become carbon neutral;
  • Climate ready, helping Fife communities and the economy minimise any impacts from unavoidable climate change; and
  • Climate just, making sure all Fifers and our environment benefit from this transition.

We declared a climate emergency for Fife on 26th September 2019. A Climate Emergency is a public commitment to de-carbonise as rapidly as possible. Fife Council has committed to set a target for a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 at the latest. This will require a huge transformation in Fife’s communities.

Work on the go right now includes:

  • replacing all Fife's street lights with energy efficient bulbs reducing associated carbon emissions by over 40%.
  • expanding the electric vehicle charging network across Fife. This nearly doubles the current provision and will make it easier for Fifers and those visiting to move to electric vehicles. 1200 people used the electric car chargers last year. 500 users live in Fife.
  • increasing the number of electric cars in the council's fleet.
  • reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, Fife currently recycles 54.7% of waste.
  • replacing single-use plastics with reusable products in Fife Council buildings.

Work on the go right now includes:

It’s difficult to stop all carbon emitting activities. Achieving ‘net zero carbon’ (or being ‘carbon neutral’) aims to ‘balance’ emissions by cutting them where we can and introducing measures to prevent those emissions that we cannot avoid from entering the atmosphere. This is called ‘offsetting’ emissions.