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Single-Use Plastics

There's now widespread understanding and acceptance that single-use plastics have a detrimental impact on our environment. That’s why we're in the process of cutting single-use plastics from our buildings and activities.

Cut it Out Campaign

The council’s ‘Cut it Out’ campaign is minimising the use of plastics that are used once, even if the item is recycled afterwards. We have successfully cut single-use plastic cups, teaspoons and straws from our main buildings, and plastic teaspoons from schools.

Before the start of the campaign, there were 152,000 plastic cups and 18,000 plastic straws used by the council every year. We're cutting these further and removing the 1,460,000 items of plastic cutlery used each year, as well as a range of other single-use plastics.

Our Commitment

In 2019, we began removing single-use plastic cutlery, cups, straws and cable ties from the use by the council, Fife Cultural Trust and Fife Sports & Leisure Trust.

Some single-use plastics are still used where there's an exceptional need, such as a legal, medical or health and safety requirement.

Single-Use Plastics Register

The register at the bottom of this page shows the main single-use plastic items used by the council. This will help inform us which plastic items to cut. We have already begun to tackle single-use plastic cutlery, cups and straws. The register will be updated when additional information is available to show our progress towards cutting single-use plastics.

If you have identified a single-use plastic that we've not identified or would like to comment on the actions we're taking to tackle single-use plastics, please contact us at

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