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Climate emergency - what can you do?

We all need to work together and act now to make positive changes to the way we live, work, and move around in order to reduce carbon emissions and limit the climate crisis.

Some examples of individual actions are below; there are groups in Fife and beyond that can help you achieve these and wider community actions.

It is a big ask, especially now, to make lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon emissions and help make your home resilient to climate change. The first step is the hardest and you can get help from others.

Scottish Government and governments the world over are recognising that major societal change is needed. As individuals, you can only do so much, but every little helps. Your voice can be a loud one. It was the actions of children that brought about the declarations of a Climate Emergency by the UK, Welsh and Scottish Governments in 2019. You can bring about big changes as well as make small ones. It all adds up.

Help bring about change where you live

Joining a local group taking action on climate change can bring about the biggest impacts. Some local groups are listed below. All these groups belong to a network of groups called Fife Communities Climate Action Network (FCCAN)

If you want to set up a group or a project, you can find out more about Community Group Funding and Support.

Explore - there’s lots of information out there. Just be careful that it's from a trusted source.