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Food Banks


People can go hungry for many different reasons from redundancy to getting an unexpected bill when on a low income.

Should you find yourself in this position, food banks can provide short term access to emergency food and support for people experiencing a crisis.

Food banks are non-profit organisations that receive publicly donated food which is then sorted by volunteers and distributed as food parcels. The simple service of providing enough food for a few days can relieve stress, and prevent crime and family breakdown.

Several charitable organisations have set up food banks in Fife. Customers in crisis may be referred to a food bank by:

Some GPs and health visitors can also refer you. 

Other initiatives in Fife where you can access free or low-cost healthy food include community cafes, community fridges / pantries, and community growing spaces. Follow the links below to find out more.

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, Health Promotion (Food and Health Team) have kindly provided some affordable, healthy, quick and very easy basic recipes that you might find useful - see publications at bottom of this page.

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