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Advice for applying for a house

If you're thinking of applying for a house, this is the process you need to follow:

  • Fill out a Housing Options Plan (also known as a HOP) on our partner Fife Housing Register website.
    • This is a short form that will ask you a bit about yourself and your circumstances.
    • We will ask you about the areas and the properties you'd like to live in. For example, if you're planning to live on your own, a flat or one-bedroomed property could be a good choice for you.
  • Once you've done your HOP, we will give you a list of recommendations and advice, based on your answers.
    • The areas you have chosen might not have many available properties, so you may want to change your chosen areas, or
    • Social housing - either council or housing associations - might not be the right option for you. This is due to the length of time it could take for you to be housed.
  • With this information, you can decide if you want to apply for a house with us and/or with our partners. If you do, you can click on the link on your completed HOP and fill out an online application form. The link to apply to join the Fife Housing Register can only be accessed after you fill in your HOP.

Do you need to leave your current accommodation now? Our Homelessness and Prevention page can give you more information. Our Domestic and Sexual Abuse page can also provide help and advice on the next steps to take.

If you are unable to complete this yourself, support can be provided. Please click the Book an appointment button below, for an assisted appointment.