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Flood pods

We provide a helping hand to communities that have been devastated by flooding with our 42 flood ‘pods’ close to affected properties.

Flood pods are black steel containers similar to grit bins which are full of flood sacks, a new type of lightweight ‘sandbag’, which can protect your home from flood water and which are easily disposed of once the flooding event has occurred.

Flood pods are located on pavements or on council land. They are locked with a combination padlock, accessible to affected properties in each local area and a nominated community council member. PIN codes were issued on a card at the bottom of the Flood Pod booklets that were given to the nominated community council members when the flood pods were put in position.

The flood pod leaflet tells you how to use your flood pod, along with some other useful guidance on how to protect your property in a flooding emergency.

Where is my nearest flood pod?

You can find your nearest flood pod by emailing

Further flood pods are being installed, and redundant ones in areas that have been subject to other flood mitigation works may be relocated to other more at risk areas.

If the flood pod needs to be replenished, email us at stating its location.