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Temporary access rights

Drones, helicopter (and other aircraft) landing/taking-off, falconry, metal detecting, recreational vehicles (including quad bikes), airsoft, paintball, bouncy castles, and filming by third parties on Fife Council owned, managed, and tenanted land (including land to which the public has a right of access) are usually not permitted.

These activities may be permitted in those parks and open spaces that are subject to the Council’s Park Management Rules, but may still require to be approved by the Events Team.

Filming for commercial purposes, by TV and film production companies may be authorised.

If access rights are required as part of an appropriate programme of research or for commercial purposes a licence can be prepared. All such applications will be subject to charges including a non-refundable Administration Fee of £250.  Please email your enquiry to including full details of the access required.

Where consent is granted, public liability insurance must be in place for a minimum of £5 million for each individual claim. The applicant will also be required to adhere to the relevant legislation and be a member of an appropriate recognised club or association.


Except for the golf Open Championship and Lammas Market in St Andrews and the Kirkcaldy Links Market, events are dealt with by the Events Team, who may be contacted by email, Further information is available on our Planning an event page. An event is defined as a planned and organised occasion involving activity in a specific location and for a limited time that members of the public can attend. The activity can take place either indoors or outdoors, on public land or in private property. The activity or occasion can reasonably be expected to attract a public gathering that is not part of the normal course of business at that location and time.

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