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Sustainable Procurement

We recognise our responsibility to carry out our procurement activities collaboratively and in an economically, environmental and socially responsible manner.

The council's current Sustainable Procurement Policy is under review, however it still includes a commitment to purchase goods, materials and services that minimise or reduce the impacts of our activities on the local and global environment.

Sustainable procurement can be defined as “using procurement to achieve long term social, environmental and economic benefits”. It's therefore linked to the Fife Council Plan (under consultation) which includes the following key priorities:

  • A commitment to purchase goods, materials and services that minimise or reduce the impacts of our activities on the local and global environment
  • Quality of life in local communities
  • Increasing opportunities and reducing poverty and inequality
  • Growing a vibrant economy
  • Promoting a sustainable society

In order to link procurement into the priorities of the Council Plan, it's important when conducting any procurement exercise to consider:

  • The social, environmental and economic benefits are maximised
  • The Impact on the environment is minimised
  • The supply chain being used by Fife Council is sustainable

What's it all about?

Sustainable Procurement encompasses three themes and the associated topics include:

  • Society (Social)
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Fair Work First, including payment of Real Living Wage
  • Economy
    • Third Sector and SMEs (Supplier Development)
    • Fairly Traded and Ethical Supply
    • Community Benefits
    • Supplier Guides
  • Environmental
    • Whole Life Costing
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Sustainably Sourced Products

Sustainable Procurement Work Areas

Detailed below is a sample that shows some of the areas currently being worked on with regard to sustainable procurement by our Corporate Procurement Team.

Community Benefits:

  • Attendance at Community Benefit meetings
  • Attending Employer Engagement Delivery Group (EEDG)
  • Community Benefits Policy Champion (advice and guidance)

Supplier Development:

  • Facilitate procurement surgeries
  • Deliver training to SMEs/Third Sector and
  • Promote tender opportunities

Sustainable Procurement:

  • Use of Scottish Government Sustainable Procurement Duty tools
  • Actions/commitments within the Climate Fife Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (2020-2030)

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