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Bulky Uplift Service

We offer a free service to collect bulky household items that are too big to fit into a wheeled bin and cannot be transported to one of our recycling centres.

Is the item worth being reused?

Reusing waste is better than recycling because it:

  • saves the raw materials and energy needed to make a new one
  • is one less item to transport

Pass it on - Furniture charities, charity shops, and the community

Furniture reuse organisations such as Furniture Plus or Castle Furniture will collect reusable furniture items free of charge from your house and prepare them for reuse.

Charity shops also take a wide range of goods for reuse and you can pass on and collect items for free from some online websites. You can find out more details at the links below (these will take you to external websites).

Has your collection been missed?

If you think your collection has been completely or partially missed and it is now after 9pm on your collection date, use the “Missed Bulky Collection” form to inform us.

Once you have reported a Missed Bulky Collection we aim to return for your items within 5 working days. Please leave them at the original pick-up location. If there is a known reason for your items not being uplifted, a member of our team will contact you.

Need to cancel your Bulky Uplift booking?

You can cancel your booking using the Cancel a bulky uplift form, however, you cannot change your booking. This is because resources will already have been allocated to your request.