Cllr. Lynn Ballantyne-Wardlaw

Photograph of Cllr. Lynn Ballantyne-Wardlaw

Party: Scottish National Party

Ward: Dunfermline South

Address: c/o Members Services, Fife House, Glenrothes, KY7 5LT

Mobile: 07740 342456

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Committee memberships

Register of Interests

Registerable InterestDescription of Interest
RemunerationIncome from accommodation rental
p/t caseworker for Douglas Chapman MP (from Nov 22)
Other RolesN/A
Election ExpensesDunfermline SNP
Houses, Land & BuildingsDwelling - Ward 1
Property - Ward 5
Shares & SecuritiesN/A
Gifts & HospitalityN/A
Non-Financial InterestsMember - Scottish National Party (Dunfermline)
Secretary - City of Dunfermline SNP Branch
Trustee - Orphan Aid Scotland [SCIO], SC052115
Close Family MembersN/A

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