Switch your engine off and show you care about cleaner air!

People looking at posters on a tableAir pollution is one of the greatest environmental risks to health. Fife Council is running a campaign to highlight how idling vehicle engines contribute to air pollution and impact our health and the environment.

  • Idling vehicles contribute to poor air quality as many pollutants are released from the exhaust whilst the vehicle is stationary.
  • Children and those with pre-existing lung or heart conditions are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of breathing in polluted air.
  • Children breathe more rapidly than adults, therefore they will take in more polluted air.

Fife’s primary school children have been learning about air pollution and vehicle idling and thinking about the impact on their health, their family’s health and how it affects their local environment.

Pupils have been taking part in a poster and banner competition with winning entries being selected by a competition panel. Winning designs will be displayed across Fife as part of the campaign.

There's more online about air quality in Fife and air quality in Scotland