Fife Junior Road Safety Officers launch Don't Park Here campaign

Don't Park Here campaign image

Fife’s Junior Road Safety Officers have launched their #DontParkHere campaign, to encourage parents to reduce congestion around school gates. The campaign encourages parents not to block driveways, or park on ‘Keep Clear’ areas during drop-off and pick-up times.

School-related traffic congestion and the risks congestion poses to the safety of the pupils, teachers, parents, residents, and motorists in and around school locations is a significant problem in communities around Fife.  The most obvious cause of traffic congestion around our schools is vehicles, and the biggest source of those vehicles is parents’ dropping off and picking up their children from school.

Statistics highlight that 1 in 4 cars during the hours of 8:30 to 9:15 and 2:30 to 3:15 are contributors to primary school traffic.

Since last year's campaign, there has been a reduction in car use with the annual Hands Up Survey highlighting that 19% of Fife pupils are being driven to school compared to 23%.  An additional 11% are opting to Park and Stride. That is still 12,268 pupils being driven in and around Fife school streets.

Fife Council’s Road and Transportation Service, along with Safer Communities are working with schools in Fife to develop School Travel Plans and support Junior Road Safety Officers to develop campaigns such as Walking Buses, Park and Stride sites, Parking Pledges, available routes to school maps, delivery of Bikeability. Services have also been looking at any engineering works that may be required to make active travel to school the first choice of travel.

For more information on school travel plans, and the work being carried out by Fife Council with regards to its Local Transport Strategy, visit the links below:

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