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Local Transport Strategy for Fife

Fair, sustainable access for all

Thank you for your feedback on our proposed Local Transport Strategy. The consultation has now closed.

We are updating based on your feedback and will publish the final strategy by the end of 2023.

Here is the full Local Transport Strategy for Fife 2023-2033 (draft for consultation)

A full list of actions is set out in our Proposed Actions document.

We have assessed the environmental effects of the draft strategy in our draft Strategic Environmental Assessment. We have also considered its effect on all residents of Fife in our draft Equality Impact Assessment.

What is the Local Transport Strategy?

The Local Transport Strategy sets out our vision and action plan for managing Fife’s transport system over the next ten years, until 2033. The strategy will help us improve the services we provide and make the case for investment.

At the Main Issues consultation in early 2022, we asked you what your transport challenges were. We wanted your ideas on how to improve transport in the future. Our proposed strategy is based on what you told us.

Fife Council manage and operate the following transport services:

  • Walking, cycling and wheeling routes
  • Supported bus services, community transport and school transport
  • Roads, including bridges, road safety, street lighting and winter maintenance (but not trunk roads)
  • Car parks and electric vehicle charging

We also work with our partners to support commercial bus services, rail services, and freight.

Our vision and priorities

Our vision is that by 2033, Fife's transport system will support communities with affordable, seamless, and sustainable access to all aspects of our daily lives.

Our vision looks at four key priorities:

  • Fair access to daily activities
  • Safe and secure travel for all
  • Just transition to net zero
  • Transport network resilience

Our vision and priorities support the outcomes of the Plan for Fife and the National Transport Strategy 2. Our proposed actions are also consistent with the draft SEStran 2035 Regional Transport Strategy.

Our priorities in full

Delivering the strategy

We will deliver our vision and objectives by:

  • Focusing on the solutions that provide the best value to the community
  • Supporting innovative technologies
  • Enabling community-led delivery
  • Applying for multi-year and revenue funding