Fife Council asks local people to help keep themselves, communities and employees safe

During these times of restriction, we thank you for looking after your local environment. Our recycling centres remain closed, following government advice that everyone must stay at home to save lives. This is the case nationally to help keep people, communities and employees safe. We’re responding to this the best we can.

Like other front-line essential services across the country, your bin men are working in challenging circumstances. Please be kind and patient.

Our update for Fifers

We’re still picking up blue, brown and green bins across Fife.

Some people will see a change to their green bin collection from next week. We’re still picking up all green bins, but for some communities in East and West Fife, this will be on a different week. We thank you for checking your calendar this Sunday. Check your pick-ups here

Only cardboard and paper is not being collected by bin lorries. We will re-instate these collections as soon as we can.  Other kerbside recycling and your landfill waste is still being collected from right outside your house.

Please don’t leave waste beside your bins or outside recycling points or centres. Recycling points are still available at supermarkets and shopping centres, but residents are requested not to make special visits to them, in line with government guidance, but to use them while doing their essential shopping.

So, what can you do with excess waste?

  • Wash and squash plastics and cans, especially plastic juice and milk bottles, then put the lid back on to keep air out.
  • Flatten drinks and food cartons, like UHT milk and fruit juice cartons.
  • Fold cardboard flat and store in a car, attic, in a shed or garage.
  • Put excess paper and cardboard into your blue bin.
  • Take excess recycling to a smaller, nearby recycling point that you can walk to. (Only when you take your daily exercise.)
    If you have items you would normally dispose of at recycling centres, please store these securely until services resume.

Fife Council is urging local people not to fly-tip in these already challenging times.