Fife Council urges people not to fly-tip

This article is more than 3 years old

Please don't fly tip

Fife Council is urging people to not fly-tip and to only make essential journeys to help keep themselves, local communities and employees safe.

Unfortunately, there has been increased fly-tipping over the last week, putting council services under additional stress.

All household waste and recycling centres in Fife remain closed to the public. This decision was made following the measures imposed by the UK government on restricting non-essential travel and contact. This is to protect residents, staff at the sites, and the wider public.

If you have items you would normally dispose of at recycling centres, we ask that these items are stored securely until services resume. Please only use communal and wheelie bins for day-to-day waste and recycling.

Ken Gourlay, Head of Assets, Transportation and Environment, Fife Council, said: “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we ask that everyone follows the government's strict instructions at this time and not make any non-essential journeys and undertake non-essential activities.

“We thank you for your help in keeping people safe and looking after the local environment. We are working hard to ensure that we continue to pick up domestic bins from the kerb so that there’s no need to travel.  We ask that only bins that need to be emptied (more than half full) be put out for collection to help relieve pressure on our reduced collection teams.

“With the closure of the household waste and recycling centres and the suspension of the bulky uplift service, residents should ensure that large items intended for disposal are stored safely away from communal areas."

“It’s that time of year when people are getting on with garden maintenance and D.I.Y - brown bins continue to be collected for garden waste, so please store any excess waste responsibly.”

Recycling Points

Special trips to dispose of recycling should not be made, in line with government guidance.

Fife's local recycling points are being serviced as normal.  Waste and recycling should not be placed outwith bins. Recycling points are only for excess household recycling such as plastic/cans, paper/card and glass jars and bottles.

Ken Gourlay added: “Unfortunately, in these challenging times when council services are already under additional pressure, the misuse of recycling points and fly-tipping are issues. Everyone is responsible for their own waste and must dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

“Recycling points are still available at supermarkets and shopping centres, but residents are requested not to make special visits to them, in line with government guidance, but to use them while doing their essential shopping.

“If your supermarket has recycling facilities and you are travelling there anyway, please dispose of your recycling responsibly. Waste and recycling should not be placed beside the bins at recycling points or communal bins.”

Residents should clean their hands before and after use.

Local people can report any instances of fly-tipping online at

Bin collections
Like the rest of the country, we’re operating in emergency mode. We’re still collecting bins but we need to prioritise landfill and food/garden waste (blue and brown bins). From Monday 30 March:

  • Brown bin collections are 4 -weekly.  If you have any concerns about excess food waste, please place this in your blue landfill bin.
  • We are temporarily stopping collections of grey paper/cardboard recycling bins.