Cowdenbeath recycling centre to re-open in November

Recycling  centre update with recycling symbol

Fife Council and Fife Resource Solutions are working towards re-opening Cowdenbeath household waste recycling centre on Tuesday, November 24.

The move will mean all 11 of Fife's recycling centres will be be open and operating for the first time since the beginning of covid restrictions in March.

Fife has taken a phased approach to reopening recycling centres, making sure the safety of staff and local people were maintained in line with Scottish Government guidance.

As with other Fife sites, a booking system will be in place for Cowdenbeath. Bookings will be available on Thursday, November 19 for Tuesday, November 24 and the following six days at

Cowdenbeath will be open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To complement these times, Lochgelly recycling centre will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Robin Baird, Chief Operating Officer, Fife Resource Solutions (FRS), which runs recycling centres on behalf of Fife Council, said: “We thank Fife residents for their patience and understanding. We’re delighted that all of our sites will soon be open.

“It’s thanks to most people sticking to the restrictions that we’ve been able to continue our staged and measured approach to the re-opening of sites, whilst ensuring the safety of staff and users. We will continue to review sites and how they are working to make them even more accessible and visitor-friendly."

Convener of Fife Council's Environment and Protective Services Committee, Cllr Ross Vettraino, added: "As always, the council has put safety first. The magnitude of the challenges with which the council is faced, it is remarkable that the council has managed to re-open all of its recycling centres and this is testimony to the effort that is being made by staff to enable the continuation of so many essential services."

Fife Council’s bulky waste collection service is available and anyone who wishes to recycle glass, paper and cardboard, plastics and cans can do so at any of the hundreds of recycling points throughout Fife

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