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Putting People First

Putting People First (PPF) is made up of Community Learning and Development, Community Social Work, and Housing, for the Kirkcaldy area.

Aim of PPF

The aim of PPF is to reach people who would benefit from a relationship with a trusted professional, who can work alongside them to help them achieve self-identified goals.

What can the PPF Team offer?

The PPF Team can offer support to people or households who are facing multiple disadvantages or experiencing new or recurring crisis. This can include:

  • exploring how to maximise income
  • practical help to manage tenancy
  • goal setting, and
  • social participation opportunities

This will include regular home visits and or telephone support.

Exclusionary Criteria

Individuals would be excluded from this support if they have children open to Children & Families Social Work.

Referring Criteria

Individuals may be invited to join in if they are experiencing:

  • difficulties in more than one area of their lives e.g., poor mental health, social isolation, financial difficulties, domestic violence
  • are at risk of evictions or subject to enforced gas break ins
  • who have been offered tenancy support, but who have not been able to take up the support offered
  • Individuals who have had contact with the team and are experiencing difficulties in more than one area of their lives e.g., young people who have reported home difficulties - with family relationships (and are not open to social work)
  • Isolation, financial difficulties, poor home conditions
  • difficulties in more than one area of their lives e.g. financial difficulties, fuel poverty, tenancy issues.

Putting People First is operational as a new programme for a year-long pilot.

For more information please email: