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We all need to make sure we’re prepared in case of extreme weather. At Fife Council, we have staff working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the winter season who are dedicated to keeping Fife moving, whatever the weather.

For the areas we can't reach in icy and snowy weather, we provide grit bins to assist the local community (on a self-help basis). This includes roads and footpaths which are not on Primary Routes or Priority 1 and 2 footways. Bins are also provided at known trouble spots, including steep hills and sharp bends. If your grit bin is empty, you can request a refill online by clicking here. We will normally be out within five working days. You can also use this form to request a new grit bin.

Our responsibilities

Fife Council has a statutory responsibility, under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, to take such steps as it considers reasonable to prevent snow and ice endangering the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles over public roads. (*“Roads” include carriageways, car parks, footways, cycleways and pedestrian areas).

The Winter Gritting and Snow Clearing Services Policy is the means by which Fife Council seeks to provide an effective and efficient winter gritting and snow clearing service, to negate the effects of bad weather and road conditions which have the potential of causing delays and posing hazards for all road users.

Winter gritting and snow clearing involves treating roads in order to:

  • prevent ice from forming (pre-salting)
  • melt ice and snow (post-salting)
  • remove snow (ploughing)

Decisions on whether or not to act must be taken with due care and on reasonable grounds. The object is to provide a winter gritting and snow clearing service which will, as far as is reasonably practical, within financial constraints and resource limitations:

  • permit the safe movement of  vehicles and pedestrians on the more important parts of the network
  • seek to minimise delays and accidents attributable to weather conditions
  • take cognisance of the environmental impact of the salting process

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