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Community transport


Transportation Services are responsible for giving advice and information about community transport schemes throughout Fife, including advice on who to contact for help in arranging transport for people with reduced mobility.

Minibus Management Centre

The Minibus Management Centre (MMC) can help voluntary organisations and council services with all aspects of using, organising or operating group transport.

The MMC can:

  • Secure group transport quotes from commercial operators on behalf of Council Services or voluntary organisations*
  • Advise on training for drivers and volunteers
  • Advise on legislation and administration of minibuses
  • Provide support and advice on transport and funding to local projects

*Log in here for Schools and Community Groups Minibus/Coach Hire.

Commercial Transport Operators can apply to be added to our approved list of operators by clicking here:

Community groups and council services who wish to provide their own driver for minibus hire and would like to place a request, or would like advice on hiring minibuses please contact:

Lynn Leitch

Support Assistant

Information Management & Governance & Community Investment Support

Tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 444141