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Factoring services

Our Housing Services team provides a property factoring management service, where there is a mix of properties owned by Fife Council and private homeowners within a development or block.

A variety of services are offered, which are tailored to the development or block. This is with agreement from homeowners. Services can include:

  • Maintenance to door entry systems
  • Lift servicing and maintenance
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Bin chute servicing and maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance

What is a property factor?

A property factor is an organisation that manages the maintenance and repair of the common parts of property or land owned by more than one individual.

The benefits of a property factor

Homeowners will usually be liable for an equal share of the cost of common repairs, maintenance and improvements. With a property factor, the shared parts of a property will receive routine maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Having a property factor means homeowners do not have to:

  • lead on services
  • liaise with contractors
  • organise and manage routine services
  • arrange repairs with other homeowners in the development

Our Factoring Service will do this on the homeowner’s behalf. We will manage the day to day running of the shared, common parts of the property and oversee all work.

Consultation with homeowners

We're currently consulting with homeowners on a phased programmed approach. This means we'll provide information and advice to homeowners staying in a mixed tenure development, where we also own properties. We'll act as both a homeowner and factor, with responsibility for our share of the shared, common areas.

Reporting repairs within a factored development

Where we have been appointed as property factor, all emergency and routine repairs come under the Factoring Service.

Written Statement

It is a requirement to provide all homeowners receiving factoring services with our written statement. The written statement sets out the terms and service delivery standards of the arrangement in place, between the property factor and the homeowner. Homeowners should refer to their written statement for further information relating to repairs within a factored development.

Core and Non-Core Services

Core and non-core factoring services are dependent on the development.

Examples of Core Services:

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Stair cleaning
  • Laundrette maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Care taking services

Examples of Non-Core Services:

  • Redecoration within shared common areas
  • routine repairs
  • emergency repairs
  • maintenance

Factoring charges

Factoring charges cover the costs of providing management and maintenance of shared, common parts of the property, or land linked to a specific property.

A management fee will be added to the invoice to cover the costs of the factoring service.

Further information

If you have any enquires relating to Fife Council’s Factoring Service, please contact by email or by calling 03451 555 555, extension 444504

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