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Short Term Housing Support

Short-term Housing Support is a service that helps tenants with a range of tasks, to help them to sustain their tenancies. It's a service provided by Fife Council through several partner organisations.

It supports you to establish routines and help with the housing and life-skills needed to maintain and sustain your tenancy. It follows a person-centred approach meaning that the housing support is tailored to individual’s needs, goals, and aspirations.

Please note, Short-term Housing Support is tenancy-related support only. It does not provide personal care or prompting for medication, etc.

Tasks that a tenant can receive help with include:

Money advice

  • Guidance on budgeting and bill payment
  • Accessing income maximisation (‘benefit’) checks
  • Applying for benefits
  • Accessing energy efficiency (fuel poverty) advice
  • Applying for welfare funding

Living environment

Support to get into a routine with daily living tasks such as:

  • healthy eating/cooking
  • food hygiene
  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • recycling
  • garden maintenance
  • dealing with correspondence and form filling
  • property upkeep
  • arranging repairs to household appliances
  • guidance on setting up home
  • guidance on arranging disability adaptations

Buying food

Support with shopping is strictly time-limited and only as part of initial stages of budgeting and/or healthy eating support. If an individual cannot achieve independence with shopping, advice and information will be given on appropriate services to meet their needs (e.g. shopping services, online ordering).

Support to attend appointments

This is also strictly time-limited and agreed with individuals, depending on ongoing assessment of confidence/other factors.

Our partners

The Council commissions partner organisations to provide Short Term Housing Support:

How to apply

Those within Fife Council’s Housing Partnership can still refer to the service via FORT CRMS Light.

You can contact us at or by calling 07783807485 or 03451 55 55 55 ex.430530, to request help with an application form or to get further advice.

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