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Your rent is due fortnightly, and must be paid in advance.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your rent is paid on time. The rent you pay helps us to deliver vital services.

Paying your rent is straightforward and there are a number of payment options open to you, including paying:

  • By cash at any paypoint facility
  • By direct debit
  • By standing order
  • Online (link at bottom of page - selection option 'Housing Rent')

We can also help you to claim housing benefit if your household budget is limited.

If you have fallen behind with your rent, get in touch with us.  We can offer free, confidential advice and help you to make an arrangement to pay back your debit in instalments.  It is far better to address any arrears problems early, before they become a larger problem.

We have a corporate debt policy, which provides information and advice to customers who may be experiencing problems with multiple debts owed to us.

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