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Housing associations

The Fife Housing Register (FHR) provides different partnership options for housing associations who operate in Fife.

Full FHR partners

100% nomination FHR partners

Not FHR partners

What is a full FHR partner?

Full FHR partners use a standard way of assessing need. This means everyone applying for a house will be given the same benefits.

Houses allocated from them will come from the main FHR housing list. You can choose to be housed by a specific partner. You'd have to apply through FHR and choose them.

Each partner operates their own allocations policy. if you want to find out more about the allocation policy of a housing association, please contact them directly.

What is a 100% Nomination partner?

100% nomination partners contact us when a house becomes available from them. Applications from the FHR housing list are then put forward to them. It's up to the landlord to make the offer of housing.

Each partner operates their own allocations policy. The decision to offer a house lies with the landlord. If you'd like to be housed by one of these partners, please apply through FHR.

What is a nomination/referral partner?

Nomination or referral partners have their own separate housing lists in Fife. They have a 'nominations agreement' with us. About 50% of their houses are given to people on our FHR housing list. To be considered for nomination, you must have an active FHR application.

When these associations have a house available, they decide if they want to refer to their own list. If not, they can request a nomination referral from FHR.

If it's possible, our priority is to make a ‘Section 5 referral’ for a priority homeless applicant. This means the association can help us reduce homelessness in Fife.

As before, each partner operates their own allocations policy. The decision to offer a house lies with the landlord.

We suggest you consider all housing options and housing providers to increase your chances of being housed.  If you are particularly keen to be housed by any of our ‘nomination’ landlords, we recommend you apply to them direct. This gives you the best chance of being housed by them.

Please click on any of the housing association landlords above, for more information.