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CEDAR Plus (domestic abuse)

There are 2 projects:

  • CEDAR (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) for 4 to 16-year-olds and their mothers
  • EYDAR (Early Years Domestic Abuse Recovery) for mothers with children 0-4 years

CEDAR (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery)

CEDAR is a unique therapeutic, multi-agency programme for children and young people (CYP) and their mothers who have experienced domestic abuse.  CYP may have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties as a consequence of living with domestic abuse.

Violence, control and abuse limits victim's options and choices. Some families will have lived with abuse for many years, impacting on every aspect of their lives.

Many families who have experienced domestic abuse can face barriers to accessing services that can help. CEDAR Plus tries to remove barriers to ensure all CYP and women can access the service.

CEDAR provides:

  • a 12 session therapeutic group work programme (for CYP's recovering from domestic abuse); alongside
  • a concurrent group work programme for their mothers

This joint approach is key with a focus on mother and child learning and recovering together.  The support provided is in separate groups for CYP and their mothers.

The programme helps CYP gain a better understanding of their experience and supports them to begin to come to terms with their experience of domestic abuse. Attending CEDAR helps CYP develop their emotional language and provides a safe space to talk about the hurting in their family.

Mothers are supported to understand their child's experience and, through attending CEDAR, CYP have improved support from their mothers who can reflect on their child's experience and needs. On completing CEDAR, CYP and mothers feel safer and can talk more openly about the domestic abuse.

CEDAR welcomes referrals for children aged 4 to 16 years who:

  • have had exposure to and have a clear memory of domestic abuse (father or a male partner hurting their mother).
  • are no longer living with domestic abuse and are safe.
  • want to take part in a group to help them recover from their experience.

Have a look at the CEDAR Network website here.

EYDAR (Early Years Domestic Abuse Recovery)

EYDAR is an 8-week therapeutic group work programme which offers support to mothers of babies and toddlers (0-4 years). Parenting through domestic abuse is a significant challenge. Domestic abuse has a significant impact on babies and toddlers, with them picking up on the feelings and emotions around them from a young age and perpetrators of domestic abuse intentionally undermining mother’s parenting skills. EYDAR works closely with mothers and as well as the group work programme will provide support at home and complete individual safety plans with mothers at home.

The CEDAR Plus approach relies on partnership working.  This provides valuable learning opportunities at strategic and service delivery levels.

To make a referral and to discuss the suitability of the project for a particular child or family, please contact the CEDAR Plus Co-ordinators on 01592 583676.

Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery (CEDAR)
Tel: 01592 583 676
By Post: Brunton House High Street Cowdenbeath Fife KY4 9QU

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