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Home Education

Every child has a right to an education.

It is the duty of the parent/carer of every school-age child to provide that education, either by sending the child to school, or by other means.

Home education is a key aspect of parental choice, and is an equally valid choice alongside the option to send a child to school.

Each individual enquiry about home education, request to withdraw a child from school, or contact between Fife Council and a home-educating family will be dealt with as fairly, consistently, timeously and accurately as possible.

Please direct all enquiries about Home Education to

For further information please see Home Education Guidance (

Every year, in line with the NHS (Scotland) Act 1978, health reviews are offered to all school-aged children in Scotland. Primary one-aged children are offered health reviews. If this is something you would like for your child, or wish to discuss the review further, the School Nursing Service invites you to contact them.

Should you have any concerns regarding your child's health and well-being at any time, the School Nursing Service would be delighted to hear from you.

We can be contacted on 01592 729393.

Useful Links

Free Sanitary Products

Fife Council currently provides women and girls access to free sanitary products, with funding from the Scottish Government. These products are already available in our schools and most of our public buildings. The Scottish Government, working with Hey Girls, have produced an app called PickUpMyPeriod, so anyone can find free products in Scotland. The app is available for download on Android and Apple devices.

Contact:Home Education Enquiries