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Five ways to look after your wellbeing

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Our emotional wellbeing can change throughout the day, and from week to week depending on our circumstances and ability to access support and information.

Follow our five ways to wellbeing to stay mentally fit, look after your emotional and physical wellbeing, and think about how you can support friends, family and others in your community to do the same.


Image of someone baking at a cooking workshop

Continuing your learning or trying something new improves self-esteem, reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, and builds a sense of purpose.

Take on a new challenge to make or fix something, or pick up a new hobby, whether it’s making a blog or vlog, cooking, or learning how to play an instrument. There are lots of useful YouTube tutorials.

Whether you are interested in attending a course at Fife College or discovering the range of activities and classes on offer through our Community Use Facilities, learning never stops!

Be Active

Person holding a bicycle

Exercise releases natural hormones which help you combat stress and anxiety, boost self-esteem, and give you energy.

Try to spend as much time as you can outdoors in the fresh air by going for walks or cycling.

Whilst indoors, there are lots of activities that can raise your heart rate and keep your body moving such as home workouts on YouTube, or housework.

Check out the Fife Active Schools website or Go Outdoors and enjoy what Fife has to offer.


Someone working at a Community Garden

Giving is about helping others with kindness but will also make you happier and healthier as it helps lower your stress and anxiety.

Consider those less fortunate than you and think of ways you can offer support to others in need and be a good friend. Remember to ask for help when you need it too.

Be kind to yourself. Giving helps you to feel thankful which is central to your own happiness. Think about starting a gratitude journal and acknowledging three things every day that you feel grateful for.

Action for Happiness has some great ideas to help others.


Two people hugging

Positive relationships and staying connected with people are vital for your well-being.

Talk to the people who make you feel better. This could be your family, friends, or your colleagues.

Limit time spent on Social Media and try to re-connect with friends you’ve not seen in a while by meeting up, outdoors if possible.

Keep connected locally by visiting On Your Doorstep Fife and Go Fife websites. You can also follow @WellbeingInFife on Twitter.

Take Notice

Person lying on the grass aware of how they are feeling

It’s normal to feel a range of emotions so try and focus on what they are telling you instead of suppressing them. Check out the Mental Health Information for Young People Wakelet for information on other services that can support you if you do feel overwhelmed.

Try and live in the present moment and focus on your own “circle of control”. You could practise grounding and breathing techniques to help you to cope with stress and anxiety. You could try Calm or Headspace.