Multi-use Sports Games Areas and Skate Parks (MUGA)

Balmullo MUGA

Property Services have been managing a large quantity of new community use sport facility projects to renew and improve sports infrastructure within Fife play parks. Property Services provided Civil/Structural Engineering design services and Quantity Surveying services for all skate park and multi-use sport area projects listed below.

Many of the projects listed below have received some external funding from organisations like Sports Scotland.

Newly constructed multi use sports infrastructure and Skate Parks listed below:

  • Balmullo multi-use games area.
  • Ballingry multi-use games area.
  • Strathmiglo skate park.
  • Kelty skate park.
  • Lochgelly multi-use games area.
  • Springfield multi-use sports games area and skate ramp.
  • St Monans multi-use games area and tennis court.
  • Cardenden skate park.

Property Services have many other community use sports infrastructure projects at design stage and currently progressing on site:

  • Gilvenbank multi-use sports games area.
  • Ballingry skate park.
  • Kinglassie multi-use sports games area.
  • Kinglassie skate park.
  • Cowdenbeath skate park.
  • Colinsburgh skate park.

Despite severe adverse weather conditions, many skate park and multi-use games area projects are now completed successfully and within budget. All community use sports projects listed above will be completed ahead of schedule by the end of the financial year 2016/17.

Sport infrastructure projects within Fife enhance the local area; bring people in from all over Fife and surrounding areas. At the very beginning of every project, Property Services will look at what areas of the community can benefit from new sport facilities. Whenever it's possible, Property Services will see if new multi-use games areas can be close to schools to make sure the pupils benefit from the new sporting facilities.

The new multi-use games area facilities that have been built can allow many different sports to be played, like football, basketball, netball, and hockey. Depending on the floor area size, tennis could also be included.

Skate parks are not just for skate boarding; this type of infrastructure can also be designed for BMX bicycles, scooters and rollerblading.

Photographs below show some newly completed community sport projects around Fife.


Location: Fife-wide

Value: £1.5 million

Start Date: January 2015

End Date: January 2017

Main Contractor: Civil Engineering Private Sector Contractors