Auchmuty High School

Auchmuty High School

Occupying a prominent site at the north east entrance to Glenrothes, the new Auchmuty High School is a major feature of the local townscape, and a significant contribution to the architecture of the area.
The new school is designed for a capacity of 1300 pupils with potential to expand to 1500.
The building complex has a street and finger plan, which it is easy to read and navigate; allows flexibility in planning; enables natural light and air to penetrate the full depth of the building, and gives clear views throughout the internal and external spaces for passive policing and management.

A limited pallet of high quality building materials was used that complies with the criteria that they have a long life, with minimal or no maintenance.
The building is designed to maximise the use of natural light and air; minimise heat loss and heat gain with optimum orientation on the site; insulation of floors, walls and roofs is well beyond that required by current legislation; and it has highly efficient airtight construction. The primary heating source is a biomass boiler system, supplemented by solar water heating panels, and a vertical axis wind turbine. Roof rainwater is recycled by a harvesting system.
The external hard and soft landscaping is designed to create a series of defined spaces, each with its own identity and use, but forming part of a cohesive whole with the surrounding townscape of Glenrothes.

Phase One – New School and Associated External Works – was completed on time on 21st June 2013.
Phase Two – Demolition of Existing School + New Pitches + Associated External Works – commenced on programme on 15th July 2013 with a completion by 30th May 2013.


Area: Glenrothes

Type: Schools

Location: Glenrothes

Value: £31.3 Million

Start Date: October 2011

End Date: May 2014

Main Contractor: BAM Construction Ltd