Dunfermline Carnegie Museum and Art Galleries

Dunfermline Carnegie

We, along with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Dunfermline Carnegie Trust, invested £12.8m in this development. Carnegie Library now forms a combined local public library, museum and art gallery facility. It is in the middle of the town’s heritage quarter. The new 2,300 metre-squared GIFA extension, by Richard Murphy Architects in Edinburgh, includes:

  • a children’s library
  • local studies library
  • café
  • museum exhibition and art gallery spaces
  • retail space
  • a public access IT suite
  • a staff/ public meeting room
  • a top-lit circulation ‘street’

Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries is a social forum, where people meet to enjoy and engage in heritage and learning. The project was complete and open to the public during the 2nd quarter of 2017. Since it was completed, it has won many prestigious awards, including:

  • the Edinburgh Architectural Association ‘Building of the Year 2017’
  • the RIAS Architectural Awards 2017 winner in the Culture and Tourism category
  • the RIAS Andrew Doolan Prize/Award for ‘Best Building in Scotland 2017’, and
  • the RICS Awards Scotland 2018 winner in the Community Benefit category


Location: Dunfermline

Value: £9.1 million

Start Date: December 2014

End Date: September 2017

Main Contractor: BAM Construction