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Exploring the Park

Map of Pittencreiff Park

Gardens and Greenhouses

Refurbishment of the glasshouses and gardens in Pittencrieff Park was completed in 2016.

Play Areas

There are three play areas within Pittencrieff Park:

  • two between the Pittencrieff Street entrance and the Glen Pavilion
  • one at the Nethertown entrance

The parks are equipped with chutes, swings, climbing frames and roundabouts and all have safety surfacing.

The play area near the Pittencrieff entrance was provided to celebrate the centenary of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, and was opened by Her Royal Majesty the Queen in June 2003.

Trees and Woodland

There are a huge number of individual trees and a variety of species, throughout the park.

Woodland Wildlife

There are a variety of species within the park, which helps promote and assist a mixture of plant, insect, bird and animal species:

  • Roots maintain and stabilise soils systems. This helps to extract and store water from underground sources.
  • Fungi are often associated with trees and specifically their roots, because they attach themselves here to make better use of the nutrients in the surrounding soils.
  • The tree trunk and canopy will be home to various insects, birds and sometimes other animals such as frogs and squirrels because it can provide shelter and shade.
  • Many species are dependent on trees for food – everything from the leaves, sap and bark to the fruits and seeds produced seasonally.
  • With so many species associated with woodland habitats, it's inevitable that larger predators that feed on insects, amphibians, birds and animals will also be present.


There are many kilometres of paths and walkways for visitors to enjoy within the park.

Wildlife in the Park

Though Pittencrieff Park is a very small part of the world, it's home to a variety of wildlife.

When can I see wildlife in Pittencrieff Park?

Future Plans

Over the next few years we will increase our efforts to promote and conserve the wildlife and biodiversity of Pittencrieff Park. We will also provide educational opportunities and interpretive resources and activities for the local community and all park visitors.