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We aim to provide a quality service and operate an ‘Open Door’ policy which means that you can make an appointment to be shown around the crematorium to see how things work. Every coffin that is received at the crematorium is brought through the front door and, after the service, is cremated individually as it was received. No items are removed from the coffin, with the exception of any floral tributes, which will be taken and laid out for you to see in a designated area.

We must comply with legislation relating to emissions from the chimney, so this means we have guidelines in place on what materials can be used to make and dress a coffin, and also what sort of clothing are suitable to use to dress the deceased (natural fibres such as cottons or wool are acceptable). It is also very important that additional items such as glass, books, steel toe capped boots or mementoes are not placed in the coffin for cremation. These items can cause high emissions and damage the equipment.

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