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Bereavement services

Coronavirus Covid-19 update to services

Coronavirus restrictions at Fifes cemeteries and crematoria have been relaxed, in line with guidance provided by the Scottish Government.

From 18th April 2022:

  • Face coverings remain an important part of stopping the spread of coronavirus. Although the legal requirement to wear face coverings at funeral services was removed on 4th April, the Scottish Government encourages the use of protective measures to reduce risk, including wearing face coverings, to help keep each other safe.
  • Family may hold the cords/place flowers on the coffin at a burial.
  • A disclaimer/risk assessment should be provided by the Funeral Director where a family wishes to carry the coffin at Kirkcaldy Crematorium. This is to ensure a coffin is carried correctly and safely. Carrying of the coffin is not permitted at Dunfermline Crematorium, for health and safety reasons.
  • The Books of Remembrance at both crematoria will open. As above, the use of face coverings is encouraged. Flowers are permitted. The Books of Remembrance can be viewed online anytime via the Fife Council website - Books of Remembrance.

Our offices are open to the public. Wearing of a face covering is encouraged and we ask that you use the hand sanitiser provided.

Losing someone close to you can be very painful and after a significant loss, you may experience all kinds of emotions. Dealing with the practicalities that a death involves can seem very distressing and overwhelming.

Here you will find information that you may need to know in relation to a cremation or burial taking place, or if you need to organise one. It also gives details of options associated with the Service and in the time that follows.

We aim to provide a quality service that meets the needs of our customers. You have the right, under the Charter for the Bereaved, to request to inspect our records and to be shown around our premises. Prior notice for these sorts of requests is appreciated and helps us to avoid service disruptions.

A death should be registered as soon as possible after the death, and within eight days of the death.  The registration can be carried out by:

  • Any relative of the deceased, or;
  • Any person present at the death, or;
  • The deceased’s executor or other legal representative, or;
  • The occupier, at the time of death, of the premises where the death took place or;
  • Any other person having knowledge of the particulars to be registered.

Family history enquiries

We have been responsible for opening new cemeteries since the late 19th century and have also acquired the responsibility for older parish burial grounds records.  

Bereavement Services holds the records of public cemeteries and crematoria in Fife. The records consist of burial and crematoria registers.

Should you wish to find out information on the final resting place of your ancestors, please fill out a Family History Enquiry Form, (see related publications section below for this form). This should be completed in full and returned to

We will complete up to 2 family searches, per person, per month.

We currently do not charge a fee for this service.

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