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Fife Licensing Board

Fife Licensing Board is an independent regulatory body by virtue of Section 5 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. The Board members are made up of local councillors and they must undergo training to be allowed to sit on the Board.

Current Board Members:

Function of the Board

The Fife Licensing Board is there to administer and determine applications for premises that sell alcohol to the public. They are also required to regulate certain Gambling activities within Fife.

Licensing Policy Statements

The Licensing Board is required to provide policy statements that set out how they intend to exercise its functions in terms of both Liquor Licensing and Gambling.  These can be viewed from the publications section on this page.

Fife Licensing Board’s Statement of Licensing Policy 2018 – 2023 will take effect from 5 November 2018, this can also be viewed in the publications section below.

Fife Licensing Board Annual Functions Report and Financial Report

The Licensing Board is required to publish an annual report setting out how it has carried out its functions, summarising the decisions made and also a financial report on the Board's Income & Expenditure during the financial year. View The Fife Licensing Board's Function Report and the Financial Report for 2021/22 along with details of the Premises Licence Applications, Occasional Licence Applications and Extended Hours Applications which can also be viewed from the publications section on this page.

Attending a Licensing Board Meeting

When the Licensing Board has to consider an application, the applicant and any person who has made an objection or representation will be cited to the meeting to present their case before the Board makes a decision.

Prior to the Board meeting the applicant will receive a citation letter requesting their attendance and the letter will detail any issues that are required to be addressed at the Board.  If you are the applicant you will also receive copies of any reports or letters that the Board will take into account.

View the 'What to expect when attending a Licensing Board Meeting' document for more information.

General Extensions/Festive Extensions

Notice is given that Fife Licensing Board has determined a General Extension in terms of section 67 of Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 which has the following effect:

During the period 5th May 2023 to 8th May 2023, On-Sales licensed premises within Fife would automatically be entitled to open as follows:

  • Friday 5th May 2023 until 1am on the morning of Saturday 6th May 2023
  • Saturday 6th May 2023 until 1am on the morning of Sunday 7th May 2023
  • Sunday 7th May 2023 until 1am on the morning of Monday 8th May 2023

There would be no automatic right to any extended hours beyond 1am.

There is no requirement for any licence holder to trade during any extended hours resulting from the making of this determination.

Any extensions sought outwith those permitted by the determination would require to be applied for by way of a section 68 Application for Extended Hours and such applications would be determined individually on their merits.

When applying for an extended hours application, please note that at least 28 days notice of the event date is required.

For further information on Fife Licensing Board and to view scheduled meetings & agendas visit their profile page: Fife Licensing Board

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