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Community Benefits - a guide for suppliers

Community Benefits Clauses (CBC) are essentially clauses within contracts requiring tenderers to commit to undertaking some form of social impact as part of winning that contract.

Fife Council understands the importance of linking economic and social development in our local communities. Our role is to improve the quality of life for people who live in, work in or visit Fife. We put people and communities at the heart of everything we do. We want Fife to be a place where we make the best use of our assets and facilities while sustaining them for future generations. We are committed to supporting businesses to grow and to make sure that communities benefit from that business growth and make Fife a Fairer place.

Fife Council is committed to maximising Community Benefits from its Procurement activities. Accordingly, contract performance conditions may relate in particular to social, economic and environmental considerations. We ask that contractors, and their supply chain, support Fife Council’s social and economic objectives.

The Scottish Government has produced a Policy Note which gives an overview of what the public sector is trying to achieve.

There is no definitive list of the community-based benefits which can be delivered through contracts offered by Fife Council, although some ideas are listed.

We are interested to see what innovative ideas or support your business can offer the local community. The value of community benefit will correlate to the size of the tender and should be relevant to the overall objective of the Contract. We know the benefit will have a resource implication for your business yet it may be relatively low cost for your business to deliver, but be of high value to the receiving organisation or community.

To guide you as to what Fife Council and our partners are trying to achieve with CBCs it’s worth looking at the Plan for Fife 2017- 2027. It details the four priority themes which are: Opportunities for All; Thriving Places; Inclusive Growth and Jobs and; community-led services. The plan also lists 12 ambitions for Fife which your bid may wish to assist with achieving.

Priority themes

Additional Guidance

To determine whether a program or cost is a community benefit, as opposed to a routine service or marketing initiative, it may help you if you consider the following questions;

  • Does the activity address an identified community need?
  • Does the activity support an organisation’s community-based mission?
  • Does the activity produce a measurable community benefit
  • Is it additional activity over and above just good business practice?

Support for Businesses

Fife Council’s Procurement and Economic Development teams are committed to supporting small/medium enterprises and 3rd sector organisations who have aspirations to bid for contracts. The teams have created a supportive network with key partners to provide this support including:

Business Gateway Fife

Business Gateway Fife provides practical help, advice and support for new and growing businesses in Fife. Business skills workshops are available to help with the skills required to run a successful business. Expert Help for specific projects to achieve business recovery or growth ambitions is also available for businesses.

For more information on the Business Gateway Fife services visit

Fife Council’s Supplier Development Programme

Fife Council’s Supplier Development Programme offers expert training, support and information to help you win work and grow your business. There are a number of free workshops and access to specialist adviser surgeries covering all aspects of tendering from finding opportunities and submitting your first bid to expanding your market.

Find out more about the Supplier Development Programme in Fife

Should you have any questions or need clarity on a possible community benefit please contact the appropriate Fife Council Procurement category manager: