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Missed bin

We empty 250,000 bins each week in Fife, but there may be days that we are unable to empty all bins. This can be due to simple error, vehicle breakdowns or unexpected staff absences. These are rare occurrences and our aim is to minimise any impact on householders.

Please visit our Service Disruptions page for any current missed bins information.

Contamination tags

In some instances we have not emptied a bin because it contains the incorrect materials. If your bin has not been emptied and has a contamination tag on the handle, please follow the instruction on the tag and then present your bin on its next collection day.

Partially emptied bins

If your bin has only been partially emptied, the likely cause is the contents being too compacted. The bin emptying mechanism will shake loose the contents, but not if the rubbish has been squashed down too tightly. Please loosen the contents and present your bin on its next collection day.

Individual missed bins

Missed bins, including communal bins, can be reported using the form below:

Please note, you can only report individual missed bin collections after 9pm on the day of collection, and within four calendar days of the date it was scheduled to be picked up on. 

Please leave your bin on the kerbside for collection. Your bin will be emptied within one week.

When missed bins are reported, part of the investigation will include looking at our vehicle trackers and on-board CCTV recordings to find out what went wrong in order to improve the service. This can help to clarify when and where bins were presented for collection, if access was blocked, or if there was another reason why the bin was not emptied.

Missed streets

  • Bins can be emptied between 6am and 9pm on your collection day. If your bin has not been emptied by 9pm and has not had a tag placed on the bin stating it contained the wrong materials, then please leave it on the kerbside for collection.
  • If we are unable to empty bins from one street or more, we will try and return to empty these bins the following working day. This may not always be possible, so please leave the bin kerbside awaiting collection.
  • If we were unable to return and service the missed bins during the week, we will then attempt to empty these bins over the weekend. This may not always be possible. If your bin has not been emptied by 5pm Sunday, please remove your bin from the pavement and present it for service on the next scheduled collection date.

If you have previously reported a missed bin and it hasn’t been serviced within the given time scales, then please contact us via: