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Reduce the amount of waste you produce

The best way to reduce the waste going into landfill sites is to cut down on the waste we all produce in the first place. You can do your bit by taking a few simple actions.

Compost at home

Turning your food and garden waste into compost to use on your garden isn’t hard – and it’s cheap! The Recycle for Scotland website tells you all you need to know about composting at home (this will take you to an external website).

Reduce unwanted mail

It’s estimated every household receives up to 18 items of unwanted mail every week. Find out how to reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive. The Zero Waste Scotland website gives you 5 top ways to reduce unwanted mail (this will take you to an external website).

Use bags for life

  • buy a reusable bag - it'll hold more shopping and last longer
  • take plastic bags that you cannot reuse with you when you go shopping.  Recycling bins for old bags are often found in store.

Avoid over packaging

  • buy fruit and vegetables loose
  • choose alternative versions of the same product with less packaging
  • shop at your local butcher and grocer

Save on batteries

Many products don’t need batteries, such as wind-up radios, torches and solar-powered garden lights. These are cheaper to run and better for the environment.  If you do need to use batteries, remember to recycle them.  Most supermarkets and electrical shops will now collect batteries for recycling.