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Primary 7 information


When you start high school, you will need a myfife card for:

  • school meals
  • school library

You may also want the benefits of:

So how do I get a myFife card?

It’s easy. You will be given a form to take home to your parents to sign, or if you are 12 you can sign the consent form yourself. If you want Young Scot and PASS on your card, then you will have to agree to share your basic information (name, date of birth and address). Please speak to your parents/guardian before you agree to share your information. Be sure to tick the correct box, otherwise you will be given a basic card with no Young Scot or PASS on it.

Where do I get the form?

Your primary school may have already given you one. If not, you can get a form and information letter from your primary school office or you can download one from this page.

What do I do once I have completed the form?

Once your form is completed, you should hand in to your primary school office.

Do you need my photograph for the card?

We will use the photograph that your primary school holds. If we need to use another one, then your primary school will let you know.

When will I get my myFife card?

You will receive your myfife card in your registration class on the first day of high school.

How do I put my money on my card?

As well as cash, Fife Council are introducing a new way to pay for school meals. Online payments are being rolled out on a school-by-school basis.  Please visit school payments for more details.

Where do I find out about getting my bus to school?

If you are entitled to free school transport then please visit the school transport web pages for information on this.

What else should I know about the myFife card?
Just take a look through our pages on this web-site. Everything you need to know is there.

If there is anything that you want to know about and can’t find, then send us an email using the contact information on this page.