Cllr. Ann Verner

Cllr. Ann Verner

Party: Scottish National Party

Ward: St Andrews

Address: c/o Members Services, Fife House, Glenrothes, KY7 5LT

Telephone: 03451 555555 Ext 442320

Mobile: 07872 423853

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Committee memberships

External Appointments

Register of Interests

Registerable InterestDescription of Interest
Other Rolesnone
Other Rolesnone
Election ExpensesSt Andrews SNP Branch
Houses, Land & BuildingsDwelling - Ward: 18 - St Andrews
Flat - Ward: 18 - St Andrews
Land - Ward: 18 - St Andrews
Shares & Securitiesnone
Gifts & Hospitality2022 - Lunch at Dunhill Golf Championship
2022 - 2x tickets to Dunhill Golf Championship
2022 - 2x tickets to Open Golf Championship
2022 Dec - Christmas Hamper
2023 Dec - Captains Dinner, St Andrews Links Clubhouse
2023 Dec - Christmas Hamper
Non-Financial InterestsMember - SNP
Member - YS NEF
Member - WFI
Member - RNLI St Andrews Fundraising Branch
Council appointee - Paton Trust
Council appointee - Provost Tulloch 1973 Trust
Council appointee - St Andrews Botanic Garden Trust
Council appointee - St Andrews Welfare Trust
Council appointee - Madras College Endowment Trust
Close Family MembersN/A
Last Updated14th January 2024

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