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Community Councils

Community Council Election for Headwell Community Council - 29th September 2022

Following the close of nominations at 4pm on Thursday 1st September 2022 six electors were validly nominated for Headwell community council. As the number of nominations did not exceed the number of vacancies, no poll is required.

Accordingly, Headwell Community Council can be re-established and arrangements will be put in place for an inaugural meeting to be held.

Community councils

Community councils are made up of people who care about their community and want to make it a better place to live.

You can find out which community council area you live at

Community councils represent the community. They organise activities that promote their communities and bring local people together.

The council cannot give legal advice. You should seek your own advice on the responsibilities that are associated with being a Community Councillor.

Community councils are usually elected every four years. The last community council elections took place on 4th October 2018.

The next ordinary elections, for all Fife Community Councils, are scheduled to take place in 2023. More information will follow soon.

Any community councils set-up after the regular round of elections - for example, in 2024 or 2025 - will only run until the date of the next round of elections. All members will need to stand for re-election if they want to continue as a community councillor.

If anyone is interested in setting up one of the inactive community councils, you will need to organise a petition. 20 electors (people who are on the electoral register) from the community council area need to sign it. A template petition is available here.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, following a Special Meeting held on 11th March 2021, Fife Council, in exercise of the powers conferred upon it under Section 53 (3) of the above-mentioned Act, agreed to amend the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils, effective from 11th March 2021.

Details of the outcome of the consultation and a copy of the amended Scheme are available via the following links:-

Public Liability Insurance for Community Councils

Fife Council provides a blanket insurance scheme for all established community councils in Fife. This includes Public Liability (PL) insurance.

Insurance documents are issued annually by the insurers, Zurich Municipal. A Summary of Insurance Cover is also provided to all Community Council Secretaries by Risk Management Team. Along with Public Liability insurance (PL), the policy also includes cover for

  • Libel and Slander
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Money
  • All Risks
  • Personal Accident

Public Liability cover is automatically provided for the day-to-day activities of Community Councils. It also covers some small events such as:

  • Galas
  • Fêtes
  • Christmas light switch on

These events should have less than 500 people and cannot involve fireworks, bonfires or play inflatables. You must apply for additional insurance if you are planning an event that exceeds 500 attendees or anything mentioned above. Please refer to your Summary of Insurance Cover for a copy of the Special Event Enquiry form. You should complete this to apply for additional cover.

PL cover is also included for emergency or community resilience activities. These should be agreed with the council and cannot involve mechanised equipment. You should let the Risk Management Team know, so they can inform the insurers.

You can send your PL events cover application, or declare new or existing resilience activities, by contacting us at

Community Councils are responsible for making sure the insurance meets their requirements. If you have any doubt, you should withdraw from the 'blanket' scheme and make arrangements for your own insurance. You must contact us at and so that insurance cover can be cancelled.

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