Torbain Primary School

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Torbain Primary School Blairmore Road Kirkcaldy Fife KY2 6NP

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Opening times

School Office                    08:30 - 16:30 School Times Morning Session Infants         09.00am-12:30pm Morning Session P3-P7         09.00am-12:40pm Interval         10.40am-11.00am Afternoon Session Infants        13.25pm-15.00pm Afternoon Session P3-P7         13.30pm-15.10pm Nursery Times Morning Session         09.00am - 11.30am Afternoon Session 12.30pm - 15.00pm

Torbain is presently the largest primary school in Kirkcaldy and the third largest in Fife.
The school is non-denominational and caters for pupils from 3 to 12 years of age. The territorial area comprises of several large housing estates and some rural housing.
30% of our pupils live out with our catchment area and are parental placement requests.
There are 23 full time teachers, 1.5 learning support teachers, 2 nursery teachers (job share), 4 SEN auxiliaries, 2 classroom assistants, 6 early years officers and 4 clerical assistants.
The school is split site with a single storey infant/nursery building and an open plan 3 storey block.
School Aims – Mission Statement
Torbain School is a place of learning where the needs of individual pupils are recognised and everyone is valued. Our goal is to offer children the opportunity to become responsible citizens, successful learners, effective contributors and confident individuals. In doing so our principles and aims are:
1. To provide a POSITIVE ETHOS within a safe, welcoming environment
  • where staff, pupils and parents are valued and have a sense of pride and ownership of the school
  • where partnerships with parents are fostered, involving them in their children’s learning and the life of the school
  • where visitors are welcomed and links with others in the community are welcomed
2. To provide an APPROPRIATE CURRICULUM for our pupils that will   
     enable them to play an active part in society by
  • delivering a broad and balanced curriculum with continuity and progression
  • planning and evaluating pupil experiences
  • ensuring that pupils achieve the highest possible standards according to their ability
  • using a variety of teaching approaches
  • using appropriate and effective resources
  • to meet their emotional, physical, social, cultural and moral needs
  • by promoting responsible behaviour where pupils exercise self-discipline, self-motivation, self-responsibility and independence
  • by monitoring pupils’ progress and attainment
     benefit pupils by
  • establishing effective communication systems
  • listening to and respecting parental views
  • involving parents where appropriate
  • encouraging a good working relationship with parents regarding their children’s learning and teaching
  • capitalising on links with outside agencies, commerce and industry
5. To respond to EDUCATIONAL CHANGE by
  • providing a quality service
  • building a strong school team
  • using developmental planning to prioritise our aims and target time, resources and budgets to support them
  • informing all interested parties of developments
The Management Team consists of Mrs Caroline Bruce - Headteacher,  Mrs Susan Tollick - Infant Depute Headteacher, Miss Gillian Webster - Acting Depute for upper years and Miss Katherine Easson - Acting Depute for middle years.  All management monitor the quality of the work of staff through their teaching plans and working with teachers and pupils. In monitoring pupils’ work account is taken of its appearance, content accuracy, quantity and quality. Jotters and work on display are also discussed.
In the course of this session through our School Improvement Plan, we will be targeting the following
·       Provide more active maths experiences for all learners.
·       Development and promotion of a culture of Health and Wellbeing, by utilising links between the school and the wider community.
·       Raise attainment in literacy through the development of new learning and teaching approaches.
·       Developing planning and reporting which meets the needs of all pupils in line with CfE.


August 2009
School Roll
520 + 130 Nursery
No. of Classes
18+ 2 Nursery
Age Range of pupils
3 -12
Nursery classes
70 a.m. / 60 p.m.
Secondary school
Kirkcaldy High School
School Board
School Association
Support Centre
Disabled access