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Pittencrieff Primary Dewar Street Dunfermline Fife KY12 8AB

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Pittencrieff Primary is situated to the west of Dunfermline town centre and is surrounded by a mix of, private, rented and social housing. The building is Victorian in design and is on two floors round a central hall. The school roll is currently 194 pupils with a further 49 in the nursery.
Primary 7 pupils go to Queen Anne High School for their secondary education and the nursery class also serves the community of Milesmark.
The Management Team comprises of the Headteacher (HT) a Depute Headteacher (DHT) and a Principal Teacher (PT) who is class committed 4 days a week. Her PT remit is to support and monitor learning and teaching in P1 and P2 and to support curriculum development and self evaluation across the school and nursery.
In addition, the staffing comprises of 8 class teachers, a nursery teacher (0.5 FTE) and a learning support teacher (0.8 FTE). We also have 5 Pupil Support Assistants working with the class teachers to support children with additional needs under the direction of the learning support teacher.
The nursery employs 7 Early Years Officers between 2 nursery rooms.
Our Parent Council and PTA are actively involved in the life of the school.
Our school benefits considerably from its central location and the extent to which the school utilises the wealth of learning opportunities within the local area is one of its greatest strengths, enabling children to learn through a range of contexts and make relevant links to the community in which they live.
At Pittencrieff Primary School our aim is to provide a positive ethos based on the core values of care, courtesy, responsibility and respect in which each child can achieve the highest possible standards and develop the skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life.  We actively promote continuous improvement that involves pupils, parents, staff and our community.
Through high quality learning and teaching we ensure that every child experiences opportunities for achievement and success. We develop and encourage our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors with a sound understanding of the world around them and Scotland’s place within it.



November 2015


School Roll

190 & 88 nursery

No. of Classes

8 + nursery

Age Range of pupils

3 -12

Nursery classes

3 hour 10 minute session

3 hour 58 minute session

7 hour 55 minute session

Secondary school

Queen Anne High School

School Board


Support Centre


Disabled access