Child Protection Code of Practice for Outdoor Sports


1. All persons involved in children’s sport must comply with the child protection policy as
prepared by their relevant sporting body. E.g. S.Y.F.A.

2. Anyone involved in the promotion of children’s sport will, at all times, display the highest
standard of behaviour, both as an example and for the encouragement of the children in
their care.

3. The use of swearing, verbal aggression, rude or inappropriate language and gestures,
horseplay, physical or sexually provocative games will be prohibited at all times, both by
the committees and spectators.

4. Children and officials will be expected to behave in a temperate and fair manner, as guided
by the team committees and sporting leagues they represent.

5. When in the changing facilities, there will always be at least two adults present at any time.
Parents will only be allowed in the changing facility when in the presence of another adult,
preferably a member of the committee.

6. Teams or Clubs, where possible, have representation from both sexes on their committee, to
try to bring a balance and support to the organisation.

7. No photography will be permitted within the changing facility.

8. Members of the team committee should avoid spending excessive amounts of time alone
with young people away from others.

9. Young people should not be invited alone to the home of a leader/coach.

10. Young people in distress or at risk should not be abandoned.

11. All persons associated with these facilities will conduct themselves in a manner
appropriate to team play and sportsmanship.

12. All members of the team committee will have been subject to an enhanced disclosure
check before they are permitted to take an active part in the club. This must be renewed
every three years.