Apply for a school place

Enrolling in primary school

Enrollment for 2021/22 is currently closed.

Parents and carers enrolling their child(ren) for Primary one or looking to request a place for their child(ren) at another school, which isn’t their catchment school, for the 2021/22 session can now do this quickly and easily online.

We’re trialling a new online application form, in part due to the Coronavirus but also to make things easier for parents and carers.

The form can be accessed by clicking on the button below. Before accessing the form, you will need to set up a mygov.Scot “myaccount” at if you do not already have one.  You will need this account throughout your child’s education. Once you’ve set this account up, you will then be able to enrol your child(ren) or make a placing request using the online form. To help you create a mygov.Scot account we’ve made a short ‘how to’ video.

If you are happy to send your child to their catchment school, we would ask you to register your child by completing the online form before 15 February 2021 to allow school staff to review the information.

As part of the online enrolment process parents/carers will also be required to upload photos of verification documents in support of the application. These are:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate. You can also order a birth certificate here.
  • 2 forms of proof that you live in the school’s catchment area (for example, council tax notification form, utility bill or child tax credit form.) - If you don't have a paper bill, you can download a copy of your council tax bill from within your online account here.
    • The council tax notification must be your most recent bill, issued for 2020/21.
    • The utility bill must not be more than 6 months old.

In normal circumstances, all pupils applying for a place at their catchment school will be guaranteed a place.  However, if there is an over-subscription of pupils for the number of P1 places available, the school will get back in touch with these parents.

What if there are no places available at the local school?

If you move to a new area after April, you may find that there are no places available in your catchment school.  In these circumstances your child would be placed at another school and go on a waiting list for the catchment school.

Children on the waiting list are allocated a place on a priority basis:

  • Priority 1 - children living within the catchment area
  • Priority 2 - children with a sibling (or siblings) already attending the school
  • Priority 3 - closeness to the school

For more information about choosing a school, the Scottish Government has produced a publication called 'Choosing a School' This provides guidance for parents on the placing request system.

Enrolling in secondary school

If you’re child currently goes to a Fife Primary School and you want them to attend your catchment High school, you don’t need to do anything. Primary Schools provide their local secondary school with a list of their catchment and non-catchment pupils currently attending the Primary School who are expected to attend the associated secondary school.

If you’re child currently goes to a Fife Primary School but you would like them to attend a different Fife secondary school, that isn’t their local catchment secondary school, you will need to make a placing request by 15 March.

If you’re new to Fife and you want to enrol your child into your local secondary you should contact the school directly if you know what your local secondary school is. If you don’t know, you can use our school catchment area checker and then contact the school directly.

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