Volunteers Green, Kirkcaldy, to reopen after Links Market

black railings with Volunteers Green in white lettersAlthough the refurbishment work on Volunteers Green in Kirkcaldy town centre is complete, through discussions with local community groups, and taking expert advice from our Grounds Maintenance Team and the contractors Gilmartin’s, it’s been agreed to hold off reopening the area until the Links Market is over.

We’ve been advised that if we open too early it might damage the turf laid in November/December with the potential heavy traffic from the Links Market and not allow it to fully knit together and take hold.

The work on Volunteers Green has been carried out by local contractors Gilmartin’s, and the final design was agreed through a comprehensive consultation with input from nearly 300 people. The only green space in the town centre and a key Waterfront attraction, it has remained untouched for decades.

Volunteers Green will be a place for relaxation, an activity destination, and as part of a route to and from Kirkcaldy’s waterfront. It plays an important part of the overall waterfront regeneration, an important space for locals and visitors and an opportunity to tell one of Kirkcaldy’s many great stories.

Work has been paused on Nicol Street while the Links Market is in town and  will begin again at the end of next week. Once the work restarts the fencing surrounding Volunteers Green will also be removed, opening it up to the public.

Councillor Ian Cameron. Kirkcaldy Area Convener commented, " the efforts of all involved in the design shaping and construction of Volunteers Green has created a transformed space that brings a new dimension to the whole Waterfront development. Such an important part of the Kirkcaldy story has now been revitalised and can be enjoyed by the people of the local area and our visitors alike.  It is now most certainly a place we can be proud of.

“Being able to use local contractors Gilmartin’s keeps the local pound circulating in the local economy, helping to promote Community Wealth Building, and the standard of work is there for all to see."