On-street parking charges between Kirk and Oswald’s Wynds to be removed and Kirkcaldy reduced price car park season ticket to continue

Members at today’s (Tuesday 25 June) Kirkcaldy Area Committee have agreed to an experimental trial to remove the on-street parking charges between Kirk and Oswald’s Wynds in the town centre. They’ve also agreed to continue with the reduced-price season ticket for car parks in Kirkcaldy.

The discounted season ticket was initially launched in October 2019 and has overall proved popular with people who park in the town centre. The ticket, which would usually cost £130 per quarter, is reduced to £60 per quarter and can be used in the following long stay car parks.

Ons-street parking between Kirk and Oswald's Wynds, Kirkcaldy

  • Hill Place
  • Esplanade (car park B)
  • Esplanade multi-storey

On today’s decision, Convener of the Kirkcaldy area committee, Councillor Ian Cameron said: “We’re committed to listening to what people tell us and car parking is definitely a topic that many of us are contacted about as local members.

“We’ve introduced a number of initiatives over the last few years to encourage people back into the town centre. These include discounted parking rates and discount season tickets for those who work in Kirkcaldy, so I’m pleased we’re in a position to keep this going.

“The discounted season parking ticket works out at £20 a month, that’s less than £1 for all day parking in the heart of Kirkcaldy town centre.”

The reduced-price season ticket will continue until 31 March 2025.

The trial to remove the on-street parking charges should begin this autumn   and be in place for up to 18 months.  Although the parking bays will be free, they will be subject to a maximum stay of 60 minutes.

The cost of these schemes is £19,600 which is being covered by the area committee’s budget for devolved parking initiatives.

Applying for a season ticket, discounted and regular, is quick and easy, do it online at www.fife.gov.uk/parking